The Region Valečsko offers ideal conditions for cycling and other free-time 'active-relaxing activities'. In its surroundings you can find a couple of cyclist routes that are a part of the net of cycleways of the Redion of Karlovy Vary. You can ride in the countryside and also on very little-frequented little roads. The tracks are not usually very demanding (middle level) and all kinds of bikes can be used. There are several rest areas along each track, with information boards and maps.

Tips for trips aroun Valeč

  • The Baroness's Track

Valeč, the square - Valeč, castle 0,5km - Neuhaus 2,5km (ruins) - rest area 6km - Valeč, the square10km

  • A trip through a charming place

Valeč, the square - crossroads Bělá - Velký Hlavákov - Albeřice - Luka - Radošov - crossroads Březina - Dolní Valov - Těšetice - crossroads Bochov - Údrč - Polom - Ratiboř - Žlutice - Záhořice - Chyše - Nová Teplice - Bošov - Libkovice - Kostrčany - Jeřeň - Valeč, the square (TRACK no.35, 2249, 2233, 2279,  2278, 3070 and a TRACK FROM TOWN)

Chyše, the square - Žlutice - Mostec - Štědrá - Pšov - Kobylé - Kolešov - Vladořice - hradiště Vladař - Vladořice - Bohuslav - Radotín - Rabštejn nad Střelou - Jablonná - Dvorec - Luby - Chyše

Other tips for trips

gives you a chance to see attractive sights, standing right on the track. First historic town of Cheb, the Chateau in Sokolov, gothic castle of Loket, Svatošské rocks and on its very end a spa town of Karlovy Vary.

You can get close the the border, the brand new track is leading through a part of the range of Krušné Hory in Jelení to the German Wildenthalu connectiong Karlovy Vary and Saxon Aue. The track is almost 60km long.

For those, more trained bike-riders, there is a bikepark in Klínovec, inviting for a visit all those hose like adrenalin. The track is 2665m long and its beginning in on the very top of the peak of the mountains Krušné hory. It ends 470m lower in the valey.